AHT agricultural

Extensive tests by renowned test institutes have shown that the AHT infrared technology in greenhouses can save up to 60% energy compared to traditional tube heating systems. In addition, the system reacts much faster and a temperature can be created within a narrow bandwidth. This completely fossil-free method of heating also leads to a shortening of the cultivation time of up to 4 weeks, in addition, there is more production per m2 of greenhouse surface (better developed plants). Substantial early growth can be achieved by application in the cold soil.

Trial project of heated wine tree branches

In this project the tree branches were heated by applying the heat close to the branches itself. Of course this was a very low power ribbon, just to keep the frost away. An advantage of low power is that you can heat very long strands with the existing electricity connection. As it was a trial project, this was done by a single coated ribbon (because its very flexible) but of course isn’t double insulated. For commercial applications the double insulated ribbon is recommended.

Due to the specific ‘structure’ of the vine tree (fairly straight branches, deliberately guided by the grower in this way), the best results were with bringing the ribbon horizontally close to the branches.

AgroWebLab™ and AHT Israel joined forces to pilot the integration of AHT Heating Ribbon in fully automated greenhouses managed by AgroWebLab™ technology.

Kfar Yehoshoua is an agricultural village in northern Israel. The climate in KfarYehoshuais warm and temperate. The winter months are much rainier than the summer months in KfarYehoshua. The average annual temperature in KfarYehoshuais 20.0 °C . In winter season temperature often falls below zero.

The construction of greenhouses - a tunnel height of 3,5 meters with polyethylene coating without climate control system.

Dead vegetative system (dehydration leaves)

Dead reproductive system (massive falling of unripe fruits)

Below you will see the consequences after one night with negative air temperature (-2.3 °C) ten continuous hours.

In order to overcome the challenges ahead, the heating system has been designed to perfection with both a soil system and stem system.

Installation of AHT Outdoor Heating Systems - Paphos, Cyprus

In this region of Cyprus, with temperatures reaching 20C during the day but plunging close to 0C at night the flower sprouts were either dying or taking far too long to grow, so the flower grower was missing the chance to export his plants to North Europe.

Together with our local distributor Atlantis Engineering we designed, installed and commissioned 9 independent AHT Outdoor Heating Systems which keep the roots of the flowers warm at a constant temperature 24/7. Within a few days the results were visible!