About AHT

EuBaltic official representative in the Baltic region


Is a world leader in green and enviromentally friendly heating technology for domestic, industrial and commercial indoor and outdoor applications. Its main focus is the promotion of new technologies and applications in heating and fusion, based on two revolutionary and proprietary technologies: amorphous metal ribbons and amorphous metal powder.

Advanced Heating Technologies International Group
AHT Advanced Heating Technologies is based:

Lugano – Switzerland with subsidiary commercial companies strategically located in the U.S.A., Australia, Israel, Cyprus, Netherlands, Korea and Italy. Our manufacturing operations are carried out by A.H.T. Advanced Heating Technologies Industrial Group, our subsidiary company located in Ghimbav – Romania, where our manufacturing plant is located.


Heating mats meet class 2 appliance requirements; are constructed with double insulation and have successfully passed the applicable tests of IEC safety standards: IEC 60335-1 (Household and similar electrical appliances – safety, general requirements) and IEC 60335-2-96 (particular requirements for flexible sheet heating elements for room heating).

The heating mats are also certified and listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) based on UL 1693 (Electric Radiant Heating) standard, file E349312.

As such the AHT products proudly carry the CE mark, have the CB mark, the Nemko N mark and the UL mark. Furthermore they have been tested, approved and certified by a number of national safety organizations such as the SAA – Australia, ISI – Israel, GOST – Russian Federation, PSE – Japan.

AHT outdoor heating ribbons are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh external conditions and meet the highest international safety standards.

The outdoor heating ribbons are based on a unique design of fully gounded heat-tracing amorphous metal ribbon heating element enclosed in a mechanically strong but flexible enclosure. They meet the IEEE 515.1 standard for undergound and outdoor exposed applications.

As such the AHT outdoor heating ribbons have been globally approved by Intertek and proudly carry the ETL mark.

AHT products have been tested and have been found to have negligible electromagnetic radiation, far below the minimum requirements of the applicable standards. As such they have been approved by Nemko and have the appropriate certification.

All AHT products when installed according to the installation instructions outlined in the appropriate AHT installation manual, are perfectly safe and achieve the highest performance levels.